Capital Campaign  

We are asking for your help to raise $50,000.00 to replenish

our building fund and as funds become available, we will be able

to continue much needed repair work.


Improvements done                                                              cost                                      


1. Parking lot paving and seal coat                                  $26,320.00                                         


2. Carpet hallway and meeting room                               $6636.00


3. Install Pergo in fellowship hall                                     $3729.00


4. Paint hallway, fellowship hall, meeting room                $1200.00





Other improvements needed to be done

                                                                      Projected cost estimate



 1. Install cyclone fence around manse to                    $1000.00

     keep people from cutting though                  

     parking lot and children from playing

     in parking lot.


2. Replace broken doors on side of gym                    $4700.00


3. New alarm system                                                 $600.00   


4. Paint outside of church building                              $6000.00

5. Install smoke detectors                                         $200.00

6. Recharge fire extinguishers                                   $300.00     

*These prices are just an estamate*             


The purpose of the building and grounds committee is:

“We seek to provide a house of worship that is functional, accessible, and inviting.”