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Rev. Dan Hoffman with his wife Leslie

 Arigato gozaimasu

Thank you very much!

(July 2011)

Grace isn't a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It's a way to live. ~Attributed to Jacqueline Winspear

 I learned that everything that is, is freely given by the God of love.  All is grace. Light and water, shelter and food, work and free time, children, parents, birth an death—it is all given to us…so that we can say gracias.~Henry Nouwen, Gracias, after living in Bolivia & Peru 

Wow, it has been over 2 ½ years since I began to get to know you as a church family and began guest preaching regularly at Westview. It has been a joy being your Temporary Supply Pastor for the last year. I am delighted to now be your Installed Pastor as of June 26, 2011..  THANK YOU for the beautiful, tasty, joyous installation!  You all worked very hard and I felt honored. 

When I think of my time here at Westview I feel very GRATEFUL!

Thank you, for being such a loving family.

Thank you, for being so loving to my family — especially Rosie and Ian.

Thank you, for all the ways each of you serves to make this a caring place.

Thank you, for risking and trying the new.

Thank you, for valuing relationship.

Thank you, for trusting joyfully in God’s Spirit and your journey-- which is slowly being revealed.

Thank you, for kindness and respect.

You are a dear, kind church family. The Love of God shines through you! 

I pray we will continue to be changed as we experience God’s love for us even more profoundly, and as a result be even more of a blessing to the surrounding community proclaiming and living God’s boundless, creative love!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Dan




In a moving and personal service Rev. Dan Hoffman was installed at Westview Presbyterian Church on Sunday, June 26, 2011 at 4:30 p.m.

Rev. Jack Longley, Moderator of Presbytery of San Jose, led the worship.

Rev. Dr. Steve Steele gave the sermon and charge to our new Minister.

All eight Elders from Westview (Joanne Hayashi, David Kadotani, Steve Kajihara, Randy Mano, Diane Mio, Edna Nagata, Lynne Nagata and Willie Yahiro) participated in the service in one way or another, with David Kadotani presenting our Pastor-Elect, Rev. Dan Hoffman, to the congregation. Edith Ichiuji, a long-time friend of Westview and an Elder at El Estero Presbyterian Church in Monterey, read the Scripture from the New Testament. Other participants included Rev. Dr. Bob Bowles, Rev. Dr. Bruce Rowlison, Rev. Dr. Victoria Rue, Dr. Keith Warner, Barbara Rogers and Cheri Holland.

A very special part of the service came when Leslie and Rev. Hoffman's children, Ian and Rosie, read the Scripture from the Old Testament, and then Rosie sang "Mile in Your Shoes". Whether they realize it or not, children can melt our hearts and put smiles on our faces!

Towards the end of the service, Rev. Nan Swanson, who took us under her wing and helped us through some very difficult times, gave the charge to the congregation. And as she stood with a bowl of salt, the congregation was asked to come and take the salt from her bowl and put it into the empty bowl that Rev. Dan was holding. This signified the breaking away from the old covenant and creating a new one with Rev. Dan. What an awesome and significant way to close the installation service for our new pastor!

We were then on our way to the gym for a time of celebration with good food, great company, and a refreshing sense of new beginnings. It was a time to hang out and enjoy our time with family and friends!

The following is a biography from Reverend Dan Hoffman (June 2010)


   I was raised in Glendale, CA and was heavily involved in scouting

and swimming as I grew up. I am the youngest of three children (consequently my older brother always got the blame).

My mom was in education and my father was an engineer. My father

got cancer when I was 13 years old old, he survived for 9 years and died when I just graduated from college. This tragedy deepened my inner life and gave me a deeper compassion for those who were mourning/suffering.

   After high school I got out of the city and went to UC Davis (lots of

pigs and sheep) graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology (I

started out with engineering but had a vision in chem class of working for

Proctor and Gamble making a better soap). In psychology I could pursue my interest in understanding human behavior, emotional growth, suffering and healing. It was here in college that I met Leslie in our InterVarsity Christian group. I fell in love with her at college, but it took us 5 years before we started dating seriously. We married in 1993 and were starving students living in a leaky rental as we both finished grad school.

   I graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1996 with a Master of Divinity and after 3 years of debating whether I theologically believed in ordination I was finally ordained in 1999. After seminary I directed Hollywood Urban Project, a non-profit ministry in a low-income Hispanic neighborhood for 7 years while also being a parish associate at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. I supervised over 50 one-year interns as they lived and ministered in this challenging urban setting of gangs, drug dealers, and wonderful immigrant families. I rejoiced with families as several youth made it into college and mourned with families as several youth were killed in gang violence. My work in Hollywood deepened my concern about injustice, poverty, and the joy of service.

   I felt the call to pursue parish ministry and was pastor of United Presbyterian Church in Watsonville for almost 4 years. I am now a Hospice Chaplain with Central Coast Visiting Nurses Assoc. and Hospice in which I get the privilege of walking with families/patients as they deal with ultimate issues and what really is most important in life. I've been changed by witnessing extreme poverty and the human struggle as I led two mission trips to Guatemala during the civil war and several trips to Mexico.

   I have a wonderful wife of 17 years and two amazing children of 10 and 7 years of age. We love the beauty of the Monterey area and enjoy hiking, kayaking, bike riding and just soaking up God's amazing creation as it restores our spirits.

   I am delighted to have been able to get to know the members of Westview Presbyterian Church. You are kind and love God. My family and I feel very welcomed. We are delighted to journey with you and discover even more the wonders of our good and loving God with you.

Thank you for your kindness and warm welcome.

Peace and love to you,

Pastor Dan


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