Westview Presbyterian Church Unveils Its Blue Plaque Historic Landamark Award

On Sunday, July 14th, 2013 Westview unveiled their Blue Plaque Award after Sunday Worship Service.

Westview Presbyterian Church was presented with a Historic Landmark Award by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History on May 4, 2013.

Nine new Historic Landmarks throughout Santa Cruz County were presented with these "Blue Plaque" awards for 2013.

Westview was the only South County building to receive a Blue Plaque Award this year.

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History honors Historic Landmark "Blue Plaque" awards to structures of architectural or historic significance

and their "pioneering spirit" throughout Santa Cruz County.

The awards highlight historic structures, educate the public, and provide visibility for successful preservation.

Westview would like to thank Ann Jenkins for all her research into making it possible for Westview to receive such an honor.




Left photo: Rev. Dan Hoffman, Ichiro Sugidono, Ann Jenkins and Dr. Masako Miura participate in the Blue Plaque ceremony.

Right photo: Members and friends of Westview attend this historical event.


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